Nordelettronica Battery Charger 143.03

ID# 1432.143.03

This charger is for gel and lead acid batteries.
Supplying power to keep the battery in tip top condition, the charger outputs a maximum of 21A across a multi-stage voltage design. The charger monitors each charge stage and adjust the output accordingly.
The design out the charger also enables the user to use the item as a power supply to supply continuous power for various leisure purposes.

This Charger is suitable for motorhome fitment due to the greater charge capacity of the charger. This enables multiple batteries to be correctly charged.

Please note, the 143.03 was manufactured under two different unit names (143 and 186). Both units are functional identical, the only difference is the 186 uses a short adaptor loom connect to the existing harness.

Our Price: £ 217.73

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